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Board of Directors

Board Leadership and Governance

The Board of Oromia Bank (OB) comprises of twelve non-executive Directors Chaired by Dr. Assefa Seme. The Board of Directors, which collectively directs the overall operation of the Bank, has four subcommittees- Audit; Risk Management & Compliance; HR and Business Affairs;  and Strategy, IT and Investment subcommittees – Chaired by Mr. Tesfaye Dejene, Mr. Melaku Kasaye, Mr. Eshetu Zeleke and Mr. Tilahun Gemechu, respectively.

Board Sub-Committees

Risk Management and Compliance Sub-Committee

The Risk Management and Compliance Subcommittee is constituted of three Directors, with Mr. Melaku Kasaye serving as the Chairperson and its membership comprising Professor Netsanet Workneh and Dr. Girma Balcha. This committee oversees the effective execution of risk management and compliance tasks within the Bank. Its primary focus is to monitor the Bank’s risk exposure, manage risks, and ensure compliance with relevant laws, internal policies, and procedures. With a diverse range of expertise among its members, the committee effectively supervises the Bank’s risk management and compliance functions.


The Audit Subcommittee consists of three Directors chaired by Mr. Tesfaye Dejene with members Prof. Hailu Worku and Eng. Million Bekele. The committee supervises the proper performance of the audit activities of our Bank with the view of ensuring that an effective internal control system and process are put in place and function properly. The committee, whose members have diverse knowledge, talent, and experience, effectively supervises the performance of the auditing function of our Bank.

HR and Business Affairs Subcommittee

The HR and Business Affairs Subcommittee consists of three Directors, chaired by Mr. Eshetu Zeleke, with Dr. Assefa Seme and Mr. Gudeta Gelelcha serving as members. The committee oversees all HR and business matters, such as reviewing procurement requests, corporate plans, and monitoring performance. With members possessing diverse knowledge, talent, and experience, the committee effectively guides and supports the management in areas under its supervision.

Strategy, IT and Investment Subcommittee

The Strategy, IT and Investment Subcommittee consists of three Directors chaired by Mr. Tilahun Gemechu with members Eshetu Temesgen (PhD) and Gemechu Waktola (PhD). The committee oversees the effective implementation of all functional strategies as well as IT and investment-related issues. It has responsibilities including the review of procurements and policies related to IT, following up on the progress of construction and IT projects, and investment-related issues, among others.