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We are a citizen of the community

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Bank has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) we care about the communities we serve. We contribute to enhance the growth and success of the communities we serve. Oromia Bank proudly supports numerous philanthropic and civic organizations within the communities we serve. We have donated nearly Birr 50 million to local charity organizations, in response to disasters, Government projects and initiatives, and many more.



We engage in our communities on many levels outside the workplace,
we in turn find greater meaning in our work.


• OIB staff planted trees in Gelan town
• Donated over Birr 2.7 million for food items to households affected by drought;
• Donated Birr 400,000 for Environmental protection ;
• Donated 20 million Birr for displaced citizen due to natural and man-made disaster;


Children & Education

Our commitment to the betterment of children from an overall wellbeing and educational standpoint has long been evident. Our presence can be seen in schools throughout our footprint, and felt though the positive impact of our fundraising events and donations.


• Donated Birr 6 million to Finfinne City Administration for Exercise Book;
• Donated over Birr 200,000 for Local Charities working on education ;
• Donated Birr one Million for Finfine City and its environs school feeding and educational material provision program.


Health Care

We understand the health challenges our communities
face and we respond through donations and corporate support.

• OIB donated three Million Birr to Oromia State in favor of Fighting against COVID-19
• OIB donated Five Million Birr in favor of Fighting against COVID-19