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Bole, Africa Avenue Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Ph: + 251 115 572 002
P.O.Box: 27530/1000 Addis Ababa,Ethiopia
Fax: + 251 115 572 002



Agent banking means providing limited banking services for customers through agents or merchants authorized by OIB.

The major services at Agent premises are:
Cash Deposit to M-Wallet and Regular account;
• Cash Withdraw from M-Wallet;
• Mobile wallet account opening / registration;
• Cash Deposit to M-Wallet and Regular account;
• Cash Withdraw from M-Wallet;

NB: The mobile wallet is an account used to store electronic money by your
mobile number which is used to perform the above transactions.

Banking at your convenience

Do you want to experience banking from the comfort of your home, at work or abroad? The Oromia Bank Internet Banking launches you into a world without limits. It is a robust channel designed with the state-of –the-art technology that gives you unlimited access to your accounts and allows you conveniently perform over 90% of your bank transactions online real-time. With Internet Banking, you can, enjoy the convenience of managing your finances quickly and easily at a time that suits you. You can bank safely and securely – at work, home or abroad






Easy access to your account(s)
from anywhere in the world.

Easy access to your account(s) from anywhere in the world.
• Online real-time account monitoring facility.
• Convenience of conducting banking transactions from
comfort of home/office.
• Guaranteed security for all your online transactions.
• Easy Access to bank information and products.
• Effective, cheaper and easier way for our customers to
communicate with banks.
• Allows 24/7 access to account


More great

Agent ID: 10370002

Birinesh Ararsa
In Front of Burayu Carton Factory

Agent ID: 10520002

Mekdes Amsalu(Nulala Printing & Advertising)
Addis Ababa Jemo-1 Condominium Site, Kaku Building 2nd Floor

Agent ID: 10520003

Dibo Gelgelu (Covenant Stationary)
Addis Ababa Jemo-1 Condominium Site, Adabay Bldg. Ground Floor

Agent ID: 10720002

Desu Fetene (Ketoran Authorized Accountant)
Sebeta town, Workine Benti Bldg. 2nd floor

Agent ID:

Agent ID: 20110002

Solomon Negasa
West Wollega, Ghimbi Town
Around Uma Market Center

Agent ID: 20110003

Getachew Imiru
West Wollega, Ghimbi Town Around Agip.

Agent ID: 20030003

Anteneh Fikadu
East Wollega, Nekemte Town Around Gullit 02.

Agent ID: 30010002

Mehid Yasin
Sidama Zone, Wondegenet Chuko City, Around Elfora.

Agent ID: 40040002

Ebrahim Haji (Ebrahim Haji Electric Materials Shop)
Assela Town, Chilalo Building Ground Floor.

Agent ID: 30010002

Chaltu Gudeta (Nimona Tailor)
Assela Town, Girma Building 1st Floor.

Agent ID: 40040003

Medina Ifa Children’s Clothes Shop
Assela Town, Girmachen Building Ground Floor

Agent ID: 10750001

Kebede Ifa Koricho
S.W Shoa, Teji Town

Agent ID: 20090002

Abebe Horeta
West Wollega, Mendi, Behind Jinenus Hotel

Agent ID: 20090003

Yaikob Asefa
West Wollega,Mendi, In Front Of Jinenus Hotel

Agent ID: 20080002

Girma Hundasa
West Wollega, Nedjo, In Front Of Yerosan Hotel

Agent ID: 20050002

Meseret Feyisa
West Wollega, Dembi Dollo,Yabalo Area

Agent ID: 20200002

Meseret Gelalcha
Qelem Wollega, Kake, Behind Oda Hotel

Agent ID: 10630002

Geleta Feyisa (Gf Pharmacy)
Aa Bethel, Weyra Post Office Area

Agent ID: 10630003

Redwan Sano (Mami Mini Market)
Aa Bethel In Front Of Bethel Square

Agent ID: 10330002

Emebet Tamiru
Holeta, In Front Of Bus Station

Agent ID: 10330003

Bekele Beza
West shewa ejere,mizan tera

Agent ID: 40030003

Elsabet Zawude (Rozi Supermarket)
Dire Dawa, Megalla Genda Kore

Agent ID: 40030004

Ahmed Mohammed (Rocket Travel Agent)
Dire Dawa, Megalla Dire Tower

Agent ID: 40030002

Ziyad Usmael
Dire Dawa, Magalla Taiwan Commercial Center

Agent ID: 40210002

Mohamed Aliwan
Aweday, Kera Maya Sefer

Agent ID: 10170002

Abebaye Getu(Oda Shiro)
Aa, Sengatera, Biftu Adugna Building

Agent ID: 20260002

Birhanu Bekuma
West Shewa Zone,Sayo Town ,Kebele 01area

Agent ID: 20330002

Walda Simbo Electronics And Apparatus
Iluababorazone,Yayotown,Dorani Megenteya

Agent ID: 20340003

Hagos Araya(Banchu Mobile &Electronics)
Iluababorazone,Gore Town,Geberewoch Hotel Area

Agent ID: 20170002

Amare Mekonnen
Jima Zone,Agaro Town,Mariam Sefer

Agent ID: 20140002

Mulunesh Yadasa(Mulunesh Baltena)
Iluababora Zone,Metu Town,Ttc A

Agent ID: 20250003

Adane Dese
West Shewa Zone,Gedo Town,Gebeya Area

Agent ID: 20240002

Yonas Bekuma
West Wollega Zone,Guliso Town,City Administration Area

Agent ID: 20240003

Bayisa Chali
West Wollega,Figa Town,Abichu Sefer

Agent ID: 20340002

Zelalem Tamiru (Zola Electronics)
Iluababorazone,Goretown,Adebabay Area

Agent ID: 20340004

Mosisa Deressa(Mosisa Grocery)
Iluababorazone,Goretown,Gana Kore Area

Agent ID: 20250002

Dereje Desisa (Wakume Mobile Center)
West Shewa Zone ,Gedo Town ,Mariam Sefer

Agent ID: 20260003

Asfaw Gilo
West Shewa Zone,Ejaji Town,Police Station Area

Agent ID: 20110004

Dechasa Yismaw (National Electronics)
West Wollega Zone,Ghimbi Town,Jorgo Clinic Area

Agent ID: 20010002

Taju Aberashad
Jima Zone,Moletown,Kebele 01 Area

Agent ID: 20160002

Mewuded Abdu(Mewuded Mobile Solution)
Jima Zone,Ambule Town

Agent ID: 20160003

Jawar Seid
Jima Zone,Babo Town

Agent ID: 20190002

Biruk Haileyesus(Biruk Primary Clinic)
Sheka Zone,Tepi Town

Agent ID: 20020002

Abdelahi Abdulatif
Buno Bedele Zone,Abdala Town

Agent ID: 20200004

Girma Terefe
Qellam Wollega Zone,Kepe Town,Gudatu Kepe Area

Agent ID: 10080002

Ethiopia Amenu(Sena Clinic)
West Shewa Zone,Kachisi Town,Karesole Sefer

Agent ID: 10080004

Deressa Dida (Daniel Clinic)
West Shewa Zone,Kachisi,Mishigi Sefer

Agent ID: 20250006

Alemayehu Diribi
West Shew Zone,Gedo Town, 02 Kebele Area

Agent ID: 20250007

Chala Yigezu
West Shew Zone,Gedo Town, 02 Kebele Area

Agent ID: 20140003

Tekalign Regassa(Tekalign Photo&Studio)
Iluababora Zone,Metu Town,4kilo Sefer

Agent ID: 30330002

Seyfadin Abdulkadir
Bale Zone,Robe Town,Goro Mazoria Area

Agent ID: 20170005

Muktar Abasani
Jima Zone,Agaro Town,Kowe Sefer

Agent ID: 30070002

Alemu Gobena
Guji Zone,Harakalo Town,Meneriya Megibiya Area

Agent ID: 20170004

Bulcha Abakoyas
Jima Zone,Agaro Town,Bunober Sefer

Agent ID: 10080003

Fufa Hirko
West Shewa Zone,Kelaxe Tpwn,Bake Kelate Sefer

Agent ID: 10080005

Habtamu Getu (Chilalo Readymade Clothes)
West Shewa Zone,Gedo Town,Adebaba Sefer

Agent ID: 20250005

Yohanis Teshome
West Shewa Zone,Gedo Town,Menaria Area

Agent ID: 20090004

Geleta Terefe
West Wollega Zone,Mendi Town,Bengua Area

Agent ID: 20200003

Tariku Likasa
Qelam Wollega Zone,Kepe Town,Gudatu Kepe Area

Agent ID: 20010003

Jihad Abadura
Jima Zone,Jima Town,Bacho Bore Sefer

Agent ID: 20120002

Silashi Shewaye
Asossa Zone,Banbasi Town,Menaria Sefer

Agent ID: 20120003

Mengistu Abdissa
Asossa Zone,Asossa Town, Mariam Sefer

Agent ID: 10080006

Gezagn Tulu (Gezagn Readymade Clothes)
West Shewa Zone,Kelate Town,Bake Kelate Sefer

Agent ID: 30040002

Tefera Abebe (Feven Supermarket)
Guji Zone,Shakiso Town,Melodi Area

Agent ID: 20020003

Gutema Lemi
Buno Bedele Zone,Bedele Town,Kebele 01 Area

Agent ID: 10080007

Birhanu Takele (Addis Veterinary)
West Shewa Zone,Kelate Town,Bake Kelate Sefer

Agent ID: 30040003

Dawit Dabana (Dawit Dabana Mini Super Market Micro Enterprise)
Guji Zone,Shakiso Town,Centeral Pension Area

Agent ID: 20250004

Samuel Hachalu
West Shewa Zone,Gedo Town,Suki Sefer

Agent ID: 10250002

Tesfaye Horsa
Addis Ababa, Bole Subcity Yerer

Agent ID: 10740002

Aynalem Mesele
Addis Ababa, Kirkos, Gotera Condiminium

Agent ID: 50080002

Hailemeskel Hailiye
N/Shewa Zone ,D/Birhan Twon , Beside Victory College

Agent ID: 10080008

Tolera Fikadu
West Shewa Zone, Gindeberet , Kachisi Kebele

Agent ID: 10080009

Megersa Berri
West Shewa Zone, Gindeberet Town, 01 Kebele Area

Agent ID: 10080010

Tolosa Muleta
West Shewa Zone, Gindeberet Twon , Kachisi Kebele

Agent ID: 10150002

Addisu Degu
Sw Shewa Zone, Walisotown, 02 Kebele

Agent ID: 10150003

Geletu Mulissa
Sw Shewa Zone, Walisotown, 01 Kebele

Agent ID: 10150004

Tesfaye Merga
Sw Shewa Zone,Woliso Wereda Bacho

Agent ID:10150005

Alemgena Belay
Sw Shewa Zone, Walisotown, 01 Kebele

Agent ID: 10150006

Sheleme Nuro
Sw Shewa Zone, Walisotown, 02 Kebele

Agent ID: 10150007

Hailu Lema
Sw Shewa Zone,Woliso Wereda Dilala

Agent ID: 10150008

Tilahun Negesa
Sw Shewa Zone,Woliso Wereda B/Koricha

Agent ID:10950002

Hassen Gemechu
Oromi Sp.Zone , Burayu, Sansusi

Agent ID: 20170006

Negash Abakabe
Jimma Zone, Agaro, Birbesa Waritu

Agent ID: 20280002

Fikadu Gutu
Horoguduru Wollega Zone , Guduru, Gebate 01 Area.

Agent ID: 20280003

Gonfe Tolera
W/Shewa Zone, Gedo, High School Sefer

Agent ID:20280004

Fikadu Senbeta
Horoguduru Wollega Zone , Guduru, High School Sefer.

Agent ID: 20280005

Geleta Badhasa
Horoguduru Wollega Zone , Guduru, Shunke Sefer

Agent ID: 20330003

Fantaye Niguse
Illu Ababora Zone, Yayo, Gechi Sefer

Agent ID: 20330004

Jemal Faris
Illu Ababora Zone, Yayo, 01 Kebele Area

Agent ID:30020002

Fikadu Worku
W/Arsi Zone, Dodola, Around Dodola High School

Agent ID: 30020003

Ayidagn Sintayehu
W/Arsi Zone, Dodola, Ifront Of Bus Station

Agent ID: 30020004

Kedir Indriyas
W/Arsi Zone, Dodola, Ifront Of Infront Of Yetababerut Hotel

Agent ID: 30030002

Tahir Abdulahi
Bale Zone, Dembel, Gebeya Area

Agent ID:30030003

Abdulkalik Hussien
Bale Zone, Robe, Around Old Menaharia.

Agent ID: 30030004

Ahimed Ibrahim
Bale Zone, Robe, Around Adebaby

Agent ID: 30040004

Birhanu And Membere Partnership
Guji Zone, Shakisso, Tele Sefer

Agent ID: 30040005

Negasa Gedo
Guji Zone, Shakisso, Around Tesa Roba College.

Agent ID:30050002

Solomon Mola
Borena Zone, Yabello, Around City Municipality

Agent ID: 30050003

Shemsedin Duri
Borena Zone, Yabello, Around, Round About

Agent ID: 30060002

Ibrahim Ahimedreshad
Bale Zone, Ginnir, Around Menaharia

Agent ID: 30060003

Lieulseged Zinabu
Bale Zone, Ginnir, Infront Of Awash Bank,

Agent ID:30060004

Aliyi Mohammed
Bale Zone, Ginnir, Adebabay,

Agent ID: 30060005

Anas Hajiaman
Bale Zone, Ginnir, Hika Jima

Agent ID: 30060006

Aliyi Adem
Bale Zone, Ginnir, Around Mosque

Agent ID: 30080002

Liben Duba
Borena Zone, Moyale, Shewa Ber

Agent ID:330100004

Meseret Buzuneh
West Guji Zone, Kercha, Infront Of Adebabay

Agent ID: 30100003

Abayine Ashebir
W/Guji Zone, Kercha, Infront Oib Kercha

Agent ID: 30120002

Aschalew And Alemgena Partnership
E/Shewa Zone , Meki, Around Market Area

Agent ID: 30200004

Demissie Haro
Guji Zone, Borena, Around Gadissa

Agent ID:30130003

Fekata Thomas
Guji Zone, Adola, Around Noc

Agent ID: 30170003

Teka Tikesa
W/Guji Zone, Guangua, Ifront Of Guanga Woreda Court

Agent ID: 30190002

Dereje Workineh
W/Guji Zone, Bule Hora, 03 Kebele Area

Agent ID: 30190003

Sisay Tadessie
W/Guji Zone, Finchawa, 01 Kebele Area

Agent ID:30200002

Abiyot Kasu
Guji Zone, Bore, Around Menaria

Agent ID: 30200003

Satena Godana
Guji Zone, Borena, Around Total

Agent ID: 30200005

Abduro Kedir
Guji Zone, Borena, Infront Of City Administration

Agent ID: 30240002

Melese Megersa
Bale Zone, Jara, Gebeya Mazoria

Agent ID:30240003

Kedir Abdulbasit
Bale Zone, Jara, In Front Of Cbe

Agent ID: 30250002

Merkebe Abate
Bale Zone, Gasera, In Front Of Police Station

Agent ID: 30320002

Abduro Kedir
Guji Zone, Borena, Infront Of City Administration

Agent ID: 30240002

Melese Megersa
Bale Zone, Jara, Gebeya Mazoria

Agent ID:30240003

Kedir Abdulbasit
Bale Zone, Jara, In Front Of Cbe

Agent ID: 30250002

Merkebe Abate
Bale Zone, Gasera, In Front Of Police Station

Agent ID: 30320002

Amanuel Gimbe
Borena Zone, Mega, Around Menaria

Agent ID: 30320003

Wara Wako
Borena Zone, Mega, Round Kela

Agent ID:30320004

Gelgelo Melise
Borena, Dubuluk, Hada Liben Area

Agent ID: 30330005

Samuel Aschalew
Bale Zone, Robe, Around Oib Branch

Agent ID: 30330006

Edan Hailegabreil
Bale Zone, Robe, Around Abubeker Tsadik Mosqu

Agent ID: 40010002

Muluneh Darios
E/Shewa Zone, Adama, Around Franco Beside Batu Building

Agent ID:40010003

Asrat Seyoum
E/Shewa Zone, Adama, Around Franco On Batu Building 1st Floor

Agent ID: 40010004

Yeshi Tasew
E/Shewa Zone, Adama, Around Franco On Batu Building Ground Floor

Agent ID: 40050002

Hola Bobe
E/Shewa Zone, Adama, Mebrat Hayel

Agent ID: 40060002

Fuad Shemshedin
W/Harerege, Chiro, Infront Of Chiro Hospital

Agent ID:40090002

Belete Disasa
Arsi Zone, Dhera, Around Market Area

Agent ID: 40170002

Dereje Gezmu
Arsi Zone, Eteya, Dereje Dstv

Agent ID: 40170003

Asefa Hailu
Arsi Zone, Eteya, Boru Jawi

Agent ID: 40190002

Gebeyehu Daba
W/Arsi Zone, Asasa, Market Area

Agent ID:40190003

Nesradin Ayub
W/Arsi Zone, Asasa, Market Area

Agent ID: 40190004

Esmael Lencho
W/Arsi Zone, Asasa, Infront Of Burkitu Elementary School

Agent ID: 40190005

Tegenu And Marishet Partnership
W/Arsi Zone, Asasa, Infront Of Total

Agent ID: 40260002

Yared Mengistu
Arsi Zone, Bokoji, Siltana Area,

Agent ID:40260003

Endale Mekonnin
Arsi Zone, Bokoji, Infront Of Tijo Gebeya

Agent ID: 20230002

Solomon Tsegaye
Bench Maji Zone, Debrework, Debrework Kebele 0

Agent ID: 20230003

Meseret Ketsela
Bench Maji Zone, M/Sheko Sheko Sefer

Agent ID: 20230004

Simachew Haile
Bench Maji Zone, Mizan Man,Shewa Bench,

Agent ID:30080003

Ibrahim Seid
Boreza Zone, Moyale, Around Medanihalem Church

Agent ID: 30090002

Zelalem Gezahegn
W/Arsi Zone, B/Guracha, B/Guracha 01

Agent ID: 30170002

Zelalem Gezahegn
W/Arsi Zone, B/Guracha, B/Guracha 01

Agent ID: 30170002

Tigist Shibeshi
Gedeo Zone, Dilla, Infront Of Hahu Building

Agent ID:30210002

Befikir Building Material Sales
Gurage Zone, Butajira, Infront Of Radiet Hotel

Agent ID: 30210003

Mebratu Tuji
Gurage Zone, Butajira, Kela

Agent ID: 30220002

Alemayehu Terefe
Hadiya Zone , Hosana, Around Menaharia

Agent ID: 30200006

Shewangizaw Bogale
Guji Zone, E/Muda ,Around Market Area

Agent ID:30200007

Sisay Demeke
Guji Zone, Bore, Behind Selam Clinic

Agent ID: 10380002

Fikadu Hirpha
West Shewa Zone, Jeldu,Sengatera Area

Agent ID: 10380003

Worku Kebada
West Shewa Zone,Cobi ,Sengatera Area

Agent ID: 10380004

Girma Bedhane
West Shewa Zone,Cobi Mudhama

Agent ID:10380005

Dejene Fufa
West Shewa Zone, Jeldu, Around Market Place

Agent ID: 30100005

Babayo Stationary And Photo Copy Working Associations
Babayo Stationary And Photo Copy Working Associations

Agent ID: 30080004

Husen Malicha
Borena Zone, Wacale, Infront Of Wacale City Administration

Agent ID: 40180002

Abiyot Siyoum
Arsi Zone,Digalunatijo, Around City Municipality

Agent ID:40200002

Abebe Mangistu
Arsi Zone, Gobessa, Around Police Station

Agent ID: 40370002

Aziza Sada And Friends Printing
West Hararge, Gumbi Bordode, Around Police Station

Agent ID: 30050004

Hajimohammed Ali
Yabelo, Gomale, Surupha,

Agent ID: 30050005

Duba Yatani
Yabelo, Gomale, Surupha,

Agent ID:30330007

Sirak Fantahun
Bale Zone, Robe

Agent ID: 10710002

Tewodiros Etefa
Oromi Sp.Zone, Burayu,Keta

Agent ID: 30050006

Abebe Lemi Dugo
Borena, Gomale, Around Market Area

Agent ID: 30080005

Duba Yatani
Dida Arero Hukka
Borena, Miyo, Around Market Area

Agent ID:30330008

Umer Hasen Ahmed
Bale Zone, Robe, Around Kela

Agent ID: 40260004

Tesfaye Demere Tufar
Arsi Zone, Limu Fi Bilbilo, Around Market Area

Agent ID: 10160002

Habtamu Balemi Garedew
N/Shewa Zone, Degem, Infront Of Police Situation

Agent ID: 10380006

Tesfaye Gudata Gonfa
West Shewa, Jeldu, Gojo

Agent ID:30080006

Danisa Dagim Anole
Borena, Boku Luboma, Danisa Super Market

Agent ID: 30080007

Bilal Electronics Andstationary
Borena, Wachile,01

Agent ID: 40010005

Dereje Guta Hurisa
East Shewa,Adama, Around Bole Taxi Junction

Agent ID: 20250009

Chaltu Bulti
West Shewa, Gedo, Calia

Agent ID:10370003

Hana Tesema
Oromia Special Zone, Burayu Keta Around Taxi Menharia

Agent ID: 10490002

Mintesinot Zenebe
West Shewa,Adaberga, Enchi, Infront Of Municipality

Agent ID: 10490003

Getu Legese
West Shewa,Adaberga, Enchi, Arround Menharia

Agent ID: 10490004

Zeritu Belay
West Shewa,Adaberga, Enchi, Beside Cbe

Agent ID:30030005

Umer Mahamud
Bale, Robe, Baha Biftu

Agent ID: 30030006

Workineh And Getinet Mobile Maintenance Service
Bale, Robe, Baha Biftu

Agent ID: 30130004

Tarekegn Zemede Woldeyohannis
Guji, Adola Wayu, Infront Of Oche Hotel.

Agent ID: 10490004

Zeritu Belay
West Shewa,Adaberga, Enchi, Beside Cbe

Agent ID:30030005

Umer Mahamud
Bale, Robe, Baha Biftu

Agent ID: 30130004

Tarekegn Zemede Woldeyohannis
Guji, Adola Wayu, Infront Of Oche Hotel.

Agent ID: 30200008

Temam Serbela
Guji, Bore, Around City Administration

Agent ID: 30320005

Aden Gufu
Guji Zone, Dubuluk, Around Ethio Telecom.

Agent ID:30330009

Samson Mulu
Bale, Robe,Around Oib Sofumer Branch

Agent ID: 30330010

Abdulrazek Usule
Bale, Robe,Beside Water And Sewarge Office

Agent ID: 10950003

Zebiba Heyru
A.A Kolfe Keraniyo, Woreda 4 Asko Adisu Sefer.

Agent ID: 30040006

Tokuma Alemu
Guji Zone, Shakiso, Odo Shakiso, Infront Of Abyssinia Bank

Agent ID:40010006

Abdulmalik Ebrahim
East Shewazone, Adama, Gimbi Commercial Center.

Agent ID: 30250003

Alemnesh Biru
Bale Zone, Gasera, Bus Station Area.

Agent ID: 10950004

Mesay Gizachew
Adiss Ababa, K/keranyo,18 round about.

Agent ID: 10690002

Gezu Tadesse Gashe
North Shewa Hageremariam,Tulofa Area

Agent ID:10690003

Tsehay Teshome
North Shewa Chacha, Cheki Area

Agent ID: 10690004

Hailu Mengesha
North Shewa Sheno,Hamus Gebeya Area

Agent ID: 10690005

Yenenesh Kebede
North Shewa Sheno, Meset Area

Agent ID: 10690006

Solomon Mulugeta
North Shewa Sheno,High School Area

Agent ID:20260004

Zemed Girma
West Shewa Ejaji, Factory Area

Agent ID: 20330005

Getachew Dika
Iluababor Zone Yayo, Around Tele

Agent ID: 20330006

Kumela Gobu
Iluababor Zone Doran, Around Bus Station.

Agent ID: 20330007

Ajebush Birhanu
Iluababor Zone Hurumu Around Bus Station

Agent ID:20110005

Mulugeta Bekele Gurmu
Ghimbi, Homa Town

Agent ID: 20300002

Kalid Mohamed Teyib –Ababulgu
Iluababor Zone Monada, Ale Area

Agent ID: 20300003

Sherefu Hajiabatemam Abadidu
Iluababor Zone Monada,Ale Area

Agent ID: 30040007

Mechawa And Udesa Stationery Microenterprise
Shakiso, Around Tasabora College

Agent ID:40290002

Ahmed Teha Tuke
Arsi Zone Arsi Sire Bolo,Infornt Of Mosque

Agent ID: 30320006

Mohamed Sadik Said
Arsi Zone Jaju Infront Of Mosque

Agent ID: 30040008

Yodit Areda Gerbi
Guji Zone, Shakiso, Infront Of Green Hotel

Agent ID: 30130005

Tesfaye Fitamo Mekuria
Guji Zone, A/Woyu Noc Area

Agent ID:30250004

Birhanu Nigussie Kebebew
Bale Zone,Gasera,

Agent ID: 40010007

Bekele Abebe Garedew
East Shewa Zone,Adama, Sami Commercial Center

Agent ID: 40370003

Nasir,Kimiya And Fr.C.M.
West Hararge Zone, Gumbi Bordode

Agent ID: 80030001

Kamil Kasim Kedir
Bale Zone ,Robe In Front Of Bekele Mola Hotel

Agent ID:40010008

Ebrahim Dental Clinic Plc
Oromia, East Shewa Zone, Adama, Adama.

Agent ID: 30080008

Asmau Ali Osman
Oromia ,Moyale Zone ,Borena

Agent ID: 30080009

Hussien Halkano Jilo
Oromia, Borena Zone Moyale Ebise Koket Hotel

Agent ID: 30080010

Seifu Mekbib Shishige
Oromia, Borena Zone Moyale, Beside Medihanialem Church

Agent ID:40180003

Abebe Geremew
Oromia .Arsi Zone, Sagure Around Market Area

Agent ID:40080002

Tadesse Abera Degefa
Oromia,East Shewa Zone,Adama City.

Agent ID: 40050003

Salih Nurhusen Osman
Oromia,East Shewa Zone,Adama City.

Agent ID: 10240002

Alemnesh Leka Sirur
Addis Ababa,A/Kality,Round About.

Agent ID:10690007

Dachew Kebede Dadhi
Amhara,North Shewa Zone,Kotu

Agent ID:50130002

Andualem Fentie Melak
Amhara,Awi Zone,Tilili

Agent ID: 10690007

Decha Kadir War
Amhara,North Shewa Zone,Kotu

Agent ID: 10240002

Alemnesh Leka Sirur
Addis Ababa,A/Kality,Round About.

Agent ID:10690007

Dachew Kebede Dadhi
Amhara,North Shewa Zone,Kotu

Agent ID:50130002

Andualem Fentie Melak
Amhara,Awi Zone,Tilili

Agent ID: 90300001

Decha Kadir War
Oromia,Arsi Zone,Golocha

Agent ID: 11340002

Biniam Fikadu
Oromia,W/Shewa,Ambo 01

Agent ID:11510002

Amanuel Tamirat
Oromia,Finfine Special Zone,Legatafo 01.

Agent ID:50090002

Fitehalew Assefa
Amhara,W/Gojam,Merawi 03

Agent ID: 11280002

Shifera Girma

Agent ID: 11280003

Getahun Ayansa
Oromia,SW/Shewa,Tulubolo 01

Agent ID:40010009

Ahemed Harun
Oromia,E/Shewa Zone,Adama City

Agent ID:40010010

Zerihun Chaka
Oromia,E/Shewa Zone,Adama City

Agent ID: 90300002

Abrar Beyan
Oromia,Arsi Zone,Gololcha Haro 01

Agent ID: 40010011

Nezifa Aman Chiksa
Oromia,East Shewa Zone,Adama City,Gara Lugo O1.

Agent ID:40010012

Ayenew Terefe Nigussie
Oromia,East Shewa Zone,Adama,Irrecha Kebele

Agent ID:40010013

Reta Melka Hawas
Oromia,East Shewa Zone,Boku Shenen Subcity.

Agent ID: 40010014

Bilise Wondimu Geleta

Agent ID: 50090003

Yonatan Sifelig Lante
Amhara,W/Gojam,G/Abay B/Dar Univeristy Techonlogy University.

Agent ID:50090004

Mekuanint Sisay Dessie
Amhara,S/Gonder,D/Tabor Kebele 03.

Agent ID:50090005

Ayal Zerihun Serawit
Amhara,S/Gonder,D/Tabor Kebele 03.

Agent ID: 50090006

Eshetie Addis Jenberu
Amhara,W/Gojam,Diaspora Area Kebele 11.

Agent ID: 50130003

Bosena Shetie Miskir
Amhara,W/Gojam,Bure 01

Agent ID:20030004

Etenesh Tesfaye Desso
Oromia,East Wollega,Nekemete 07

Agent ID:20100002

Fayisa Garbaba Erena
Oromia,W/Shewa,Ako Tibe 01.

Agent ID: 20150002

Leta Oljira Kenai
Oromia,E/Wollega,Sire 01.

Agent ID: 20150003

Gashaw Weldetinsai Eba
Oromia,E/Wollega,Chingi 01.

Agent ID:20150004

Yonas Debela Ofegha
Oromia,E/Wollega,Sire 02.

Agent ID:20300004

Mariya Ali Ababyia
Oromia,Jima Zone,Asendabo

Agent ID: 11510003

Mihret Hailu Miheretayehu
Oromia,Finfine Special Zone,Legatafo Dale Dambel

Agent ID: 11510004

Mohammednur Abdi Usmael
Oromia,Finfine Special Zone,Legetafo 44 .

Agent ID:10310002

Nigussie Dendena Kumbi
Oromia,W/Shewa Zone,Ginchi 01.

Agent ID:10310003

Beresa Diribsa Diro
Oromia,W/Shewa Zone,Ginchi 01.

Agent ID: 11080002

Kumela Mideksa
Oromia,W/Shewa Zone,Asgori 01.

Agent ID: 11340003

Adugna Ejeta
Oromia,W/Shewa Zone,Ambo 01

Agent ID:50030002

Mequaninet Abebe Mekonen
Amhara,W/Gojam,Atse Tewoderos Subcity Kebele 11

Agent ID:40010015

Borje Arebe
Oromia,E/Shewa Zone,Adama City,Degaga

Agent ID: 40030005

Kedir Mohammed

Agent ID: 40240002

Senayit Gulilat
Oromia,E/Shewa Zone,Boku Shenen Subcity.

Agent ID:50030003

Aseya Haron Dawle
Amhara,W/Gojam,Bahirdar,Fasilo Subcity 07 Kebele.

Agent ID:50030004

Gashaw Mersha
Amhara,S/Gonder ,Tach Gaynet Kebele 013

Agent ID: 50090007

Ehetnesh Tsedalu
Amhara,S/Gonder ,Tach Gaynet Kebele 04

Agent ID: 50110002

Marta Abate
Amhara,South Wollo,Menafesha Kebele 018

Agent ID:50160002

Getachew Meless
Amhara,Gonder,Zobil Subcity Kebele 014.

Agent ID:10860002

Yitagesu Dinegde
Addisababa,Yeka Subcity,Wereda 05,Balderas Condominium

Agent ID: 30230002

Lekawunt Girma
Oromia,E/Shewa Zone,Batu

Agent ID: 30330011

Kamal Muzeyan
Oromia,Bale Zone,Delomena,02

Agent ID:30340002

Haileyesus Samuel
Sidama,Hawasa City,Yirba

Agent ID:10400002

Gemechu Injigu
Oromia,W/Shewa,Guder,Toke Kutaye.

Agent ID: 50030006

Betelihim Degu Alene
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,B/Dar

Agent ID: 50030007

Birtukan Sileshi
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,B/Dar

Agent ID:50030005

Abinezer Neguse Getachew
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,B/Dar Kebele,10

Agent ID:50090008

Melkie Minichil Mulu
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,S/Mecha Wereda,Liban

Agent ID: 50090009

Amlaku Abiraraw
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,B/Dar Hidar 11 Kebele

Agent ID: 50090010

Getaneh Workineh
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,B/Dar Belay Zeleke Subcity

Agent ID:50130004

Yeshwas Yenesew
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,Bur 01

Agent ID:50130005

Zinaw Aschalew Kibret
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,Bur 01

Agent ID: 50130006

Bitew Biyadigelegn Miheret
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,Bur 01

Agent ID: 50130007

Samrawit Mekonen
Amhara Region,W/Gojam,Bur 01

Agent ID:40460002

Abera Golja
Oromia,East Shoa Zone Adama Derara Kebele

Agent ID:40240003

Mohammed Kemal
Oromia,East Shoa Zone Adama Boku Shenen

Agent ID: 40050004

Habtamu&His Brother
Oromia,East Shoa Zone Adama

Agent ID: 40050005

Muluneh Amante
Oromia,East Shoa Zone Adama,Franco

Agent ID:40010016

Faye Girma Desta
Oromia,East Shoa Zone Adama

Agent ID:40010017

Tamene Niguse
Oromia,East Shoa Zone Adama

Agent ID: 40030006

Mohammed Jemal

Agent ID: 30180002

Berite, Fayiso And Their Friends Diary

Agent ID:40040005

Mohammed Tuma
Oromia Assela. Assela 07 Asha building

Agent ID:40080003

Tidenek Tesfaye
Oromia Adama Adama Tidecha Adama General hospital

Agent ID: 40080004

Nuriya Kedir Ha
Oromia Adama Adama Ganada hara Biftu Health Center

Agent ID: 40340002

Diriba Hirpha H
Oromia Adama Adama Gurumu Assela Exit

Agent ID:40390002

Merid Birhanu D
Oromia Metehara Fentale 01 Michael church

Agent ID:40460003

Adem Muhammed A
Oromia Adama Adama Goro

Agent ID: 50030008

Hunegnaw Andarge
Amhara B/dar Sefanaselam 4 Abay Mado

Agent ID: 50090012

Destaw Gedif
Amhara B/dar Sefanaselam 4 Lemilitu

Agent ID:50090013

Tadesse Zewdu
Amhara D/tabor 04

Agent ID:11480002

Demsew Abebe
Amhara Chacha Angolola 01 Menaharia

Agent ID: 11480003

Woldiye Gebre
Amhara Chacha Angolola 01 Gebrieal conjection

Agent ID: 30330012

Tesfaye Nigusse
Oromia Robe Robe 04 Koricha

Agent ID:30330013

Kasahun Teshome
Oromia Robe Robe 04 Koricha

Agent ID:30330014

Abdurezak Aman
Oromia Robe Robe around bouying

Agent ID: 40010018

Samuel Rage Feye
Oromia,E/shewa zone,adama

Agent ID: 40010019

Shito Ayele Kebede
Oromia,E/shewa zone,adama,roge

Agent ID:40030007

Ajibo Mahammed

Agent ID:40030008

Ali Umer Adem

Agent ID: 40030009

Amin Adem Ali

Agent ID: 40050006

Kumela Muleta
Oromia,E/shewa zone,adama

Agent ID:40080005

Eman Ajibo Moha
Oromia,E/shewa zone,adama,franco

Agent ID:40080006

Iyob Kebede
Oromia,E/shewa zone,adama,Arada

Agent ID: 40090003

Ziyad Abdulkerim Hussien
Oromia,arsi zone,dhera

Agent ID: 40230002

Mamush Techane Adugna

Agent ID:40240004

Samrawit Adane
Oromia,E/shewa zone,Adama chefe

Agent ID:40460004

Tariku Muluneh
Oromia,E/shewa zone,Adama Hangatu

Agent ID: 90490002

Hirut Fantahun Ali
Oromia,E/shewa zone,Adama Adama Berecha

Agent ID: 50030009

Yonas Estibel Fentie
Amahara,W/gojam,B/dar T/ros 04

Agent ID:50090014

Robel Gebrie Mu
Amahara,C/gonder,E/belesa guhala

Agent ID:50090015

Seblework Bantidar Mulaew
Amhara,W/gojam,B/dar Beleyzeleke

Agent ID: 50160003

Amanuel Tadese

Agent ID: 70130001

Feyisel Jitu&Friends
oromia.Jimma,Ina kebele

Agent ID:10160003

Daniel Desalegn
Oromia,N/shewa,fitche Comando

Agent ID:10160004

Belay Habtamu
Oromia,N/shewa,fitche Comando

Agent ID: 10160005

Oromia,N/shewa,fitche Comando

Agent ID: 10160008

Oromia,N/shewa,fitche Comando

Agent ID:10840002

Mesfin Taye

Agent ID:10840003


Agent ID: 10840004


Agent ID: 10840005

Tewodros Ademu

Agent ID:10860003

Addis ababa,yeka,Sigenal area

Agent ID:11020003

Kasaye Assefa

Agent ID: 11020004


Agent ID: 11480004


Agent ID:30170005


Agent ID:30220003

Solomon Siyum Belete
SNNPR,Hadiya zone,Hosana

Agent ID: 80330001

Abdulkerim Mohammed

Agent ID: 80370001

Oromia W/arsi,Hursa simbo

Agent ID:10290002

Metasebiya Nega
Addis Ababa,A/kality wereda 13

Agent ID:11280004

Dejene Kalbessa
Oromia,W/shewa,Tulubolo 01

Agent ID: 10050002

Zedye Trading PLC
Addis Ababa,Bole,wereda 07

Agent ID: 11340004

Fikedu Birhanu
Oromia,W/Shewa,Ambo 01

Agent ID:11340005

Dereje Gessesse
Oromia,W/Shewa,Ambo 01

Agent ID:11340006

Oromia,W/Shewa,Ambo 02

Agent ID: 40030005

Kedir Mohammed
D/dawa,Kebele 06

Agent ID: 40340003

Endriyas Gayo
Oromia,E/Shewa Zone , adama,Mame hotel

Agent ID:40420002

Fikru Shiferaw
D/dawa,Kebele 02

Agent ID:40440002

Hawi Mukubas
Oromia,E/shewa zone,Adama city,Bedhatu kebele Gemb aksyon Building

Agent ID: 40440003

Abdulaziz Jemal
Oromia,E/shewa zone,Adama city,Bedhatu kebele Gemb aksyon Building

Agent ID: 90490003

Urji Building Material shop
Oromia,E/Shewa Zone , adama infront of City construction office

Agent ID:50030010

Natnael Ketemaw
Amhara regon,B/dar,G/abay,Subcity,Ghion Area

Agent ID:50090016

Birhanu Jotie
Amhara regon,W/gojam Durbete 01

Agent ID: 20110006

Debela Tesfa
Oromia region W/ wologa,Ghmbi town

Agent ID: 20110007

Zerihun Tsegaye
Oromia region W/ wologa,Ghmbi town

Agent ID:20300005

Mubarik & foziya S.C
Oromia region Jimma zone,Sokoru ,asendabo town

Agent ID:30230003

Ayinalem Bobe
Oromia region E/shewa zone,Batu town

Agent ID: 11510005

Gadise Chali
Oromia region,Special zone,Legatafo town.

Agent ID: 90390001

Megertu Hawas
Oromia region E/shewa zone,Methara town.Bajaj tera

Agent ID: 11510005

Oumer Mohammed
Amhara region,Oromia Sp. Zone senbete 01

Agent ID:30090003

Misganaw Temesgen
Sidama region, Hawassa,tabor, hawassa university

Agent ID:907096161

Kibinsh Balcha,
Oromia Region,Ashewa Meda

Agent ID: 30520002

Bereket Tsegaye
Sidama region, Hawassa,tabor