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Oromia Bank Signs Construction Contract for Second Phase of Gelan Excellence and Convention Center

Oromia Bank announced the signing of a construction contract with Tlahun Abebe General Contractor for the second phase of the Gelan Center of Excellence and Convention Center.

This significant development will see the construction of a 9-story mixed-use building on a vast 1800 square meter plot for a total cost of 1.1 billion birr.

The signing ceremony included Obbo Teferi Mekonnen, CEO of Oromia Bank, and Tilahun Abebe, CEO of Tilahun Abebe General Contractors.

“Oromia Bank is proud to be building a one-of-a-kind excellence and convention center in East Africa,” said Obbo Teferi Mekonnen. “The first phase is on track for completion according to schedule and quality standards.”

Obbo Teferi highlighted Oromia Bank’s proven track record in timely and high-quality construction projects, mentioning the nearing completion of the Bank’s new headquarters in Finfinne Goma Kuteba Area as a prime example. He emphasized the expectation for Tilahun Abebe General Contractors to uphold this exceptional standard throughout the project.

Tilahun Abebe, CEO of Tilahun Abebe General Contractors, assured the project’s completion within budget and timeframe, leveraging his company’s 30 years of experience in the construction sector.

This project marks another significant investment by Oromia Bank, contributing billions of Ethiopian birr towards the development of Ethiopia’s construction industry.